LG gram laptop with Intel Evo

If you’ve ever made the switch to a new laptop you know it’s about as much fun as a tooth extraction. Making sure all your files to come over seamlessly is job one, but if you’re going to make a big swap, it’s important that the new laptop be faster, easier to use, and for those of us who work remotely—lighter than anything else so it’s super portable.

LG gram laptop review

I’ve recently been toying with getting a new laptop and as someone who works from home or remotely as tech blogger, content producer and all around busy person, I live on my laptop, so if I’m going to make a change, it’s got to be worth it.

When Intel reached out to me to offer the opportunity to try out a new LG Gram laptop I have to say I was curious.

LG gram laptop with Intel Evo challenge

So I took them up on a challenge; try using the LG Gram instead of my old laptop to write stories and make website updates, edit and upload video, and create social posts as part of this sponsored opportunity.

Using LG gram to work remotely

I decided to try to integrate the LG gram into my digital nomad lifestyle and work on the go. A lot of the work I do doesn’t require connectivity, just speed and power so one day I decided to pack up my LG gram, plus lunch and work from Calgary’s Devonian gardens, a cool indoor public garden space.

LG gram, laptop, review, what is

Working at Calgary’s Devonian Gardens.

The full pound less the gram weighs over my old laptop means I can bring lunch and my work stuff all in one bag and not feel weighed down.

At just about 2.6 pounds, even on the 16” size I got to test, this is the lightest full size laptop in the world, and it’s got a Guinness record to prove it!I love finding creative cool spaces to work from when I can, but working from nature can often mean no place to plug in, so battery life is huge.

I love road trips, and that’s why we designed and built our own custom camper van. And while we do have solar power here, it’s nice not to need it. When it comes to what you’re getting with the gram, its enlarged battery capacity should give me about 19 hours of working time. That’s almost double my old laptop’s best case scenario. Plus, 30 minutes’ charge will get me 4 hours worth of juice thanks to a quick charge feature.

LG gram screen and graphics

LG gram, laptop, review, what is

After a long day, sometimes I need to chill out. With that all day battery, I can find enough juice to sit back to enjoy a movie here in the van… and this laptop has a screen that’s nicer than some TVs I own… while naturally it looks great for movie and video watching, it’s also a treat to work on.

As a creator who works with a lot of videos and photography, I need to keep a close eye on my content; colour correction, blurriness and just making sure my reviews look perfect.

The 16-inch screen on the LG Gram has a large 16:10 screen ratio… meaning I’m getting about 11% more screen real estate compared to 16:9 laptops.

Throw in Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array or WQXGA graphics standard at 2560×1600 and a wide colour gamut and it’s perfect for prepping true-to-life videos.

When I get home or need to get on-grid to upload my videos, or load the newest review it’s no fun having to wait on slow uploads. With Intel Wi-Fi 6 – the LG Gram promises three times faster connectivity capability.

Did I see a difference? I’m happy to say I did! Plus with LG Instant wake, there’s no waiting for things to boot up.  Remember those days… waiting to boot up… and using dial up internet?

Anyway, back to the LG gram… You’ve got options for file transfers, which are super helpful to a video producer like me.LG gram, laptop, review, what is

LG gram: ports & connections

The gram has plenty of ports and connections for rapid file transfer & display connection including thunderbolt, plus HDMI, an aux jack for headphones as well as USB connections and a card reader

LG gram with Intel Evo: processing power & speed

A laptop is only as good as what’s inside and the LG gram uses the Intel Evo Platform. So what is Intel Evo? Laptops with the Intel Evo badge should deliver the highest performance, innovative designs, responsiveness, and an amazing visual experience, according to Intel.

This Intel Evo LG gram is powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics. So what does all that techy language and fancy acronyms mean? In short, the LG gram should mean you can work quickly, and not see slowdowns. Videos should process, render and upload faster, and you should see up to 3X faster photo editing. Hello Lightroom and Photoshop! This kind of speed on the go could mean you don’t need to wait to get home from the mountains to process your photos.

LG gram, laptop, review, what is

Overall thoughts on LG gram laptop with Intel Evo

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying my LG Gram experience. It’s ultralight, speedy and has integrated into my life and work really well. The LG Gram lineup is available at most major electronics retailers.

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