How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

Headphone safety on iPhone protects users from damaging their ears with high-decibel sounds, but it can also be annoying to deal with when you want to listen to music or use Siri while listening to headphones without safety engaged. Thus, if you know how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone, you can easily deal with this issue.

It’s easy to turn off headphone safety on iPhone, and this guide will help you do it as quickly as possible while still protecting your ears against damage.

Headphone safety can be hard to understand, especially if you’re a first-time user of Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. Moreover, if you are an android user, there are chances that you are hearing about it for the first time.

Apple has changes the way a volume button should work on its devices whether its iPhone or iPad when they are connected to wired devices in IOS14. Instead of controlling the volume level of your device, the buttons now toggle headphone safety on and off.

When headphone safety is enabled, the sound produced by your headphones will be limited to prevent damage to your hearing.

Apple products can be complicated. There’s no doubt that Apple products come with a pretty big learning curve for new users. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that figuring out how to turn off headphone safety might be confusing, especially if you don’t even know what that is.

What Is Headphone Safety?

In short, it’s an option you can disable in iOS settings to keep your device from going silent when headphones are plugged in. In the release of IOS 14, every Apple device comes with headphone safety enabled.

It is a pretty handy feature, especially for people with sensitive ears. It comes with a default threshold of 85 decibels, after which the headphone safety kicks in and reduces the volume so that your ears don’t get affected too much. However, you can set up the threshold decibels yourself if you are not satisfied with the default one.

Now that you know what headphone safety is, you should also learn how to turn it off if you want to. Therefore, to learn how to turn off headphone safety on your iPhone, there are four methods; follow any one of them given below to turn it off efficiently.

Method 1

This method will be easier for you if you know how to turn off headphone notifications. Go to your iPhone settings and click on the sound and haptics option. There you will find the headphone safety option, tap on it and then turn off headphone notifications off. Doing this, your headphone safety will turn off, but if this does not work, try the second method, which is pretty straightforward as well.

Method 2

Again, go to your iPhone settings and click on Accessibility for this method. Now scroll downwards to the hearing section and then tap on the Audio/Visual option. From there, turn off the headphone safety mode, and you will be good to go.

Method 3

There is a catch to methods mentioned above. You can only turn off headphone safety in some regions; meanwhile, it is still not an option in others. Plus, to turn it off, you will need an unlocked iPhone. Thus, if turning on this feature is not available in your region, here is how you can tackle this problem.

To do so, open Settings and then tap on Bluetooth. Now click on the information button, which is by the device you want to change, and then tap on the device type.

Now you can select any device from the menu like car Bluetooth, hearing aid, speakers, etc. This way, the headphone safety notification will turn off, plus the volume will stop from reducing on its own.

Method 4

Through this method, you can not completely turn off the headphone safety, but it will reduce the headphone safety notification popups on your device. Go to the settings and click on the sounds and haptics option and then tap of the headphone safety.

Now swipe the reduce loud sounds button to enable or disable it. This feature enables you to choose the maximum decibels according to your liking once you enable them.

Why I Want To Turn Off Iphone Headphone Safety Feature?

Apple’s new safety feature is making things annoying. If you enjoy listening to music while walking and then, when your train comes, you put your headphones in your pocket and take out your phone.

If so, there is a chance that if your headphone safety is on, you will keep getting a pop-up warning saying Headphones are unplugged. To continue playing audio, enable headphone safety or attach headphones securely.

Apple wants me to make sure that you have headphones securely plugged into your phone so that they don’t get lost and/or broken by being jostled around in a bag, which seems like a good idea at first glance. But the constant notifications get annoying when your headphones are not in danger.

If You Keep Having Trouble, Try Restarting Your Device.

If you still find that your iPhone keeps reminding you to put headphones in, try rebooting your device. Hold down both home and power buttons until you see an Apple logo appear.

Wait for a few minutes until your phone restarts, and then try turning off volume warnings once again by following the steps above. If restarting doesn’t fix it, or if it does, but a few days later, it happens again, check with Apple or take your phone into an authorized repair shop for help.

Get to Know the Term Headphone Safety

Before you can learn how to turn off headphone safety on your iPhone, you’ll want to understand what headphone safety actually means.

Though many people are familiar with airplane mode, not everyone knows about headphone safety mode. But if you wear headphones frequently, it’s a feature that will be very useful for you.

Once activated, it limits sound from coming out of either side of your headphones so that even at maximum volume, no one else around you will hear anything but their own music or audio files.

In other words, it acts as a personal volume-limiting tool to protect your hearing and others who may share an office or living space with you from exposure to extremely loud sounds over time.

Why Is There a Need for Headphone Safety?

Because earphones plug into your ears, they can hurt you if used improperly. This might happen while using them while sleeping or falling asleep with them in your ears. The wires may rub against your skin and cause small tears or cuts in your skin.

Plus, loud volume can damage your ears immensely. Thus, to protect yourself and your ears from any kind of damage due to headphones, this headphone safety feature comes in handy for everyone.

Why Are People Concerned About The Unsafe Use of Earphones?

A lot of people are concerned about how their children and even themselves use earphones these days. It’s a fact that using earphones excessively can be harmful to your ears, but what exactly is unsafe usage, and why should you care?

There are two common ways that people use their headphones: at high volumes in order to block out external noise or with background music playing quietly in order to create a soothing effect.

Both of these uses have some sort of risk associated with them, but especially when it comes to safety! There is a chance that your eardrums can get damaged due to the loud sound and can create hearing problems.

Constant use of headphones for long term can also create inflammation in your ears, causing discomfort and difficulty in hearing. These are some of the most common concerns when it comes to using earphones in an unhealthy way.


iPhone cellphones have a built-in safety feature that protects your ears from being damaged by loud sounds. However, it can get annoying at times. There are four options available to turn off headphone safety on iPhone; each of them is mentioned above.

You can follow the methods mentioned above to turn off headphone safety on iPhone, which is a pretty straightforward method, but if you ask us, it is a pretty handy feature that is created for your safety.

Thus, using it is a good option if you use headphones too much. This way, you can enjoy your daily dose of music without harming your ears in any way.

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