How to Print on Fabric With Laser Printer?

Most laser printers cannot print on thicker items such as fabric. They are only compatible with certain types of papers. So, how to print on fabric with laser printer? How do you work your way around the above problem?

Can I Print on Fabric with My Laser Printer?

You cannot print directly on a fabric with a laser printer. But – there is a very easy and common solution to this problem that is to print the design on a transfer paper using the laser printer. Subsequently, you would iron to print the design on the fabric. However, the entire process involves a few steps which we are going to explain in the following lines.

Step 1: Design your Graphics

The first step is of course to design the graphic you want to print on the fabric. It can be your company’s logo, image, or simply some text. Try to make as many copies of your design as possible. Keep in mind that you can design an image for each part of the fabric such as front, back, or even sleeves of a t-shirt.

Step 2: Buy the Fabric

After finalizing your design, buy the fabric on which you will print it. You can easily purchase commercially prepared fabric from the market. Similarly, the fabric is available in either rolls or sheets.

The material of printable fabrics is usually rigid. It has to be sturdy because it goes through both printing and ironing. Softer material cannot withstand these procedures and would simply rip away.

You can also make printable fabric at home. Printing on fabric at home has its own advantages. For example, fabrics made at home are considerably cheaper than commercial fabrics. Similarly, commercial fabrics work only with inkjet printers while homemade fabrics are compatible with all kinds of printers.

Step 3: Print the Design on a Normal Paper

It is better if you print the image on normal paper before printing it on transfer paper. You would be able to see how the design looks and whether or not you need to make some changes. It would also help you prevent problems at the time of final printing. If you are satisfied with the design, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Print on Transfer Paper

The next step is to print the design on the transfer paper. Never forget to reverse the design and print on the marked side of the paper. The reversed design will appear as the original image when you iron it on the fabric. All the transfer papers come with instructions on how to use them as well.

Be careful while printing on the transfer paper. You need to ensure to print the entire design on paper and at the right spot.

Step 6: Transfer the Design on Fabric

The last step is to transfer your design to the fabric. Printing the image on the fabric requires you to use an iron. Place the transfer paper exactly where you want to print the design on the fabric. The paper should also be straight without any wrinkles. Once everything is set, press the transfer paper with iron for a few minutes to ensure the design has been fully published on the fabric.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our guide to “How to print on fabric with laser printer.” As you can see, the process involves a bit of adaptation but it is very easy to complete. All you need to have is the right equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. Just remember to follow the instructions and print the design properly on the transfer paper and then on to the fabric.

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