How to Print Notes from an iPhone

Did you know that you may print stuff from your iPhone’s Notes? We’ll show you how to print notes from your iPhone? From this article, you may preserve paper copies of your notes or scanned documents.

Use the AirPrint feature on your iPhone to get an actual copy of a note. You may need to print a physical copy because some people you do business with may hesitate to send sensitive information over email. You’ll need to use an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer to print. This article will show you three different ways to print notes from your iPhone.

Steps to Print Notes from iPhone

Here are the steps to print notes from your iPhone:

Step 1: Using AirPrint

Open the AirPrint to print your desired notes.

Step 2: Connect Your Printer to a Wireless Network

Connect your printer to the Internet using a wireless network. This step varies depending on the printer, but it usually entails selecting a network from its LCD screen menu. Instructions can find in your owner’s manual. Going to “Settings,” selecting “Wi-Fi,” and selecting the network, you can connect your iPhone to the same network.

Step 3: Notes on the Launch

Open Notes and press the “Notes” menu to open a note. Tap the action button in the menu bar, which looks like a curved arrow extending from a rectangular page. From the action menu, select “Print.”

Step 4: Choose a Printer

By tapping the “Printer” field and selecting a printer from the menu, you can choose your printer. If your printer is the only one on the network, it is already selected. Tap “Print,” and your note will print in seconds.

Step 5: Using Software from a Third-Party

Now you have to use third-party software.

Step 6: Third-Party Printing Software should Install

Install printing software from a third party, such as Print Direct, Printer Pro, or Print N Share (links in Resources). These apps are available on your device’s App Store or your computer’s iTunes. They allow you to connect your iPhone to any wireless directly.

Step 7: USB Printer Print Can Download from the EuroSmartz Website

If you have a USB printer, get WePrint from the EuroSmartz website. This free software listens for printer events from your iPhone, which must be connected to the same network as your computer once you install it on your PC. There are no compatible alternatives for any program that requires this specific software to detect USB printers on your Wi-Fi network.

Step 8: Create a New Note

Open a note and tap and hold the note body on your iPhone. Choose “Copy to Clipboard.” Select the “Clipboard” from the pop-up menu option in the printing program on your iPhone. Each program offers the same choice for printing text, and it is the developers’ preferred technique. A menu appears with your recent clipboard content when you select this option.

Step 9: On Your Computer, Open WePrint

Suppose you’re printing with a USB printer, open WePrint on your PC. The app looks for printers on your computer and makes them accessible to your iPhone. Select your note from the clipboard menu on your device and touch “Print.” Your iPhone’s software searches your network for Wi-Fi or WePrint printers and displays them in a menu.

Step 10: Choose a Printer from the Drop-Down Option

If you want to print your note, choose a printer from the selection. If you choose a Wi-Fi printer, your job will begin right away. If you select a USB printer, you must input an IP address and port number for WePrint on your computer. These statistics are displayed in the main WePrint window. If you want to print your message, type them into the text fields on your iPhone and select “OK.”

Screenshots of Notes can be Saved and Printed as Photos

You can open the notes items and save them as screenshots for printing if you aren’t printing them. Please double-check on your iPhone is linked to a computer. By holding the Home and Power buttons together, you can save a single note item as a screenshot.

Open the Photos App > Look for the Screenshots Album. Choose the photo that you’d desire to print. > In the top left corner, tap the sharing icon—select “Print” from the drop-down menu.


Notes can be Print Directly from the Notes App

From your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen, open the Notes app > Select the message you’d like to share or print > Select the Share option > Press the Print button. Select the selections you wish to print and then press Print.

Export iPhone Notes to Computer for Printing

How to print notes iOS 14? Print iPhone notes; you must first save them in a printable format to your computer. You can use iFonebox, Notes from PC, a third-party iPhone data recovery software that allows you to directly and selectively export notes from your iPhone. Here’s how to do it.


How Can I Print a Text Conversation in Its Entirety From My iPhone?

iPhone text messages (SMS, iMessage) and WhatsApp conversations can print. How to print iCloud? Connect your device to iMazing, iCloud, and launch it. In the sidebar, select your iPhone and then Messages. Select the chat(s) or message(s) you want to print. To print, press the Print button. Review and confirm your printing options.

What is the Best Way to Print Using the Apple Notes App?

All responses The square with the arrow pointing up should tap. To print, press the print button. Choose the printer you’d want to use (under printer). To print, press the Print button.

Why Does it Claim There are No AirPrint Printers Available?

The iOS AirPrint feature generates a system notification, “No AirPrint Printers Found.” It suggests you’re trying to use the Print button to print a document from another application. Printer Pro cannot launch in this manner on iOS.

How to Print Notes in PowerPoint?

Print notes online sheets with thumbnails of slides. From the File menu, choose File > Print. Select the printer you want under Printer. Print it under Settings, next to Full Page Slides.

How to Change Font Size in Notes on iPhone?

  • Select Display & Text Size from the Accessibility menu under Settings > Accessibility.
  • To change the text size, tap Larger Text.
  • You may change the text size by dragging the slider.


I hope you found this article helpful in printing your note on your iPhone or iPad. How to Print Notes online From An iPhone? It’s relatively simple to print your notes, but you’ll need an excellent printer.

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