How to print from Google books

Google Books is a project that involves scanning books, turning them into digital format, and keeping them online. Many books–some in total, some in part–are downloadable and printable for free (not counting your paper and ink/toner charges) using Google’s Web-based interface.

This blog will show you how to print from Google books to discover, view, save, and print a book.

Preparing to Print from Google Books

  • Go to Google Books in your browser and look for the book you want to read by typing the title into the search box or browsing the categories on the left side of the page. The search results will be displayed in the centre of the page.
  • To see the outcome, click it. Not all titles or editions are available in their entirety for watching. To use the Advanced Book Search tool, click Advanced Search to the right of the search field and select Full View Only to limit your search results to books that are available in their entirety.
  • To acquire a printable copy of your book, click Download in the top bar. Your download will begin after selecting PDF or EPUB (an open format for eBooks) as the download format. Copyrighted books are usually only available for preview. Click the Preview The Book button to see a preview of these copyrighted titles; you won’t be able to download any pages.
  • Open the PDF file with a viewer tool, such as Adobe Reader, Google’s recommended viewer. The legal guidelines for Google’s use can find at the beginning of your document. While it’s important to review these guidelines, you’re ultimately responsible for utilizing what you print in a way that respects its copyright.

How to Print From Google Books?

  • In a web browser, go to Google Books.
  • In the search bar, type the book’s title you wish to print. Click “Any Books” above the search results and then “Free Google e-books” to limit the search results to only printable public domain books.
  • Any book with a “Read” symbol should click (rather than a “Preview” icon).
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Download PDF” from the gear-shaped Settings button at the top right of the screen. In your browser window or your preferred PDF viewer, the book should open as a PDF.
  • Print the appropriate pages using the Print button on the PDF viewer, just as you would with any other document.


How to Use Adobe Reader Printing From Google Books?

Confirm that your print settings are optimal before printing the opened Google Book file. You don’t want to find an issue after the fact, especially if you’re printing dozens or hundreds of pages. Here’s how to use Adobe Reader to get started.

1. To enter the Print dialogue box, go to File, Print. Adjust the Print Range options if you only need to print a piece of the book.

2. Select resource-saving settings such as EconoMode (to save toner) or Print on Both Sides by clicking the Properties button (to save paper).

3. Select the ‘Multiple pages per sheet’ menu option in the Print dialogue box’s Page Scaling section. Although four pages in each sheet may be difficult to read, two pages per sheet in landscape format usually works nicely.

4. When you’re finished making changes, click OK to submit the work to the printer.


You can choose from millions of books on Google Books. Even though some of these are free, or even if you have paid for them, keep in mind that they may be protected by encrypted copyright. We hope that you are now familiar with how to print from Google Books.

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