How To Print Business Cards On Epson Printer?

A successful business is a concoction of clear communication, excellent service, and consumer trust. It goes without saying that a precise, and stunning business card is the core of it all.

If you are a business owner who just ran out of cards; this guide on how to print business cards on an Epson printer will solve your problems. Moreover, if you have never used business cards, and want a quick something to introduce to your customers without bulk ordering; printing business cards on the Epson printer is a great idea.

Read on to find out how you can utilize your Epson printer to design and print business cards from Canva at home or even the traditional Microsoft Word. This step-by-step guide will make you regret not using this convenient method earlier.

4 Essential factors to consider before printing your business cards at home

Type of printer

While you could use both a laser or an inkjet printer for printing business cards, inkjet printers are preferred more. This is because they support a much diverse paper choice with superior print than laser printers.

Printing paper

Usually, business card papers are specific to each kind of printer, so you need to make sure that you choose a paper supported by your printer. Furthermore, you also need to choose between plain, gloss, or matte paper including the thickness, finish, and layout.


Printing program

While there are a lot of designing software like Canva available, the most feasible option is to opt for MS Word for designing your template. The business card templates on Microsoft Word work great giving you a large stock to choose from.

Simple steps on how to print business cards on an Epson printer

It all starts with designing your business cards. If you have decided to go forward with Microsoft Word, start by downloading and opening it on your PC.

  • Click on the menu bar to find a drop-down menu. Select “Business cards” from the
    templates provided under “New.”
  • You will be provided with a list of templates for business cards to choose from.
    Download the most appealing one.
  • You can change the themes from the “Themes” option in the top left corner. Next,
    customize your card with all your business’s details and adjust the measurements.
  • Save the final file and you are ready to get it on paper.
  • Prepare your printer by feeding the right amount of papers in the Epson printer.
  • Click on “File” and “Print”, or simply press on “Ctrl+P.” Choose the number of copies you
    want, and click on “Print.

The cards are printed on a single A4 or any other size sheet, in pairs of 6 or 10 according to your chosen size and layout. You need to cut them apart carefully using a cutter.


Now that you know how affordable and effortless it is to print business cards at home, there is no reason you should stay back. This guide on how to print business cards on an Epson printer covers everything you need to know to have a stack of business cards always at your disposal.

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