How To Override Printer Ink Levels On Canon?

Ink cartridges do run out fast, but not as fast as the printer shows them to be. If your printer has just started displaying a low ink level sign, you can still print several pages before the ink drains completely. To counter this warning, you need to know how to override printer ink levels on Canon.

Although Canon printers rarely show any glitches, they may sometimes give low ink warnings even on replacing the cartridge. Since the chip on the cartridge is set to empty, it gives the same message to the printer no matter how full the cartridge is.

While the warning sign does no harm to your device or the print results, it can be irritating to deal with. It may also lead you to replace a perfectly fine cartridge, putting a dent in your pocket. Here are a few ways you can cater to ink level issues on your Canon printer.

Reset ink cartridges

If you refilled the ink cartridges recently but the print still says it is empty, try resetting the cartridges. This will disable the ink detection, and you will be able to print without any warning. The ink detection feature will resume when you replace the cartridge again.

Press the “Stop”, “Reset”, “Resume”, or “Cancel” button on your printer and hold it for 7 to 8 seconds. Repeat the process for all cartridges showing low ink levels.


Reset cartridge chip

You can easily find chip resetters in the market for as low as $5, depending upon your ink cartridges. Carefully lift out the cartridge from the printer and turn it over. Arrange the metal contacts on the bottom of the cartridge to that of the chip resetter, and your issue will be resolved.

Disable ink level warning

A guaranteed solution to how to override printer ink levels on Canon is to disable the low ink warning entirely. You can achieve it easily through your computer system by changing a few settings.

  • Click on the “Start” button on your Windows, and go to the “Control panel”.
  • Next, click on the “Printers and faxes” option, and right-click on “Printers”.
  • Click on the “Preferences” option to open the maintenance tab.
  • You will see a “Low ink warning” option over there. Uncheck the box right next to it and press “OK”.
  • This will prevent the warning from reappearing again, providing you a smooth printing experience.


Ink cartridges are expensive, and there is no reason why you should replace or refill one capable of giving you a few more prints. Don’t worry if your printer constantly shows low ink level warnings. You can easily learn how to override printer ink levels on Canon and get rid of them.

However, make sure you replace or refill the cartridge when you see a compromised print outcome. This is your cue that the ink levels are actually low. Prolonged low ink levels may hamper your printer’s performance by clogging the nozzle and giving off blurred, fading print outs.

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