How to make nail decals with the printer

Do you know how to make nail decals with the printer? Yes, you can print nail decals with a home printer. You’ll need a few things before you begin, including decals, a printer, and some paper. If you want to do it yourself, this guide is for you! With this guide, you can print a whole sheet of designs or just single designs.

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Because from this post, you’ll learn how to choose the right product and how to create and customize your nail decal designs in order to print them from your inkjet printer.

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Process To Make Nail Decals With The Printer

Here is the process to make and print nail decals with the printer:

  • In your photo software, resize your desired image to fit your nail (for example, to accommodate my nail beds, you may make an image 14 inches wide).
  • Test the size and resolution on regular paper first.
  • Print it on water decal paper once you’ve got a good image.
  • After your ink has dried, apply two thin coats of clear coat spray to protect it. Allow time for drying.
  • Carefully cut out your photos, leaving as little space as possible between the edge and the image.
  • Paint your nails white and let them dry to make the decal pop.
  • Soak the decals for a few seconds in water.
  • To effortlessly slip the decal into place, gently peel it off the paper and place it on a moist nail. (After the placement is complete, dab it with tissue to absorb excess water.)
  • Then finish it off with a topcoat.

After you’ve uploaded your nail artwork, you’ll need to resize it to fit your nail. We recommend sizing single ornamental photos to roughly half an inch (0.5″) or 13mm. The sizing will vary depending on the length of your nail if you want to produce a full wrap around the nail (everyone is different). You can always use a soft tape or a ruler to evaluate the width and height of your nails.


We recommend printing a test print on standard paper after you’ve sized all of your nail images (one per nail) and lined them up on the paper size (A4) that you’ll be using for printing. Use the test paper print as a guide to check if you’ve scaled your photographs appropriately.

After printing, you will need to sell your photos to make nail decals with the printer. We recommend Rustoleum 2X Clear to protect your photos, but you can use any clear, acrylic spray paint or sealer. Although it is unnecessary to seal your image when using nail decals paper with the printer, some individuals prefer to do so.


You can resize and try again if you believe they are too big or too little. Proceed to load and make nail decals with the printer. Once you’ve perfected your sizing, make sure the print options may be set to high-quality print and glossy picture paper. Hopefully, you are well aware on How to make nail decals with an inkjet printer.

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