How To Make Hp Printer Print Without Black Ink?

With Black ink being the most used cartridge, there is always a risk of running out of it during an important printing process. This is why having some extra cartridges on hand is extremely crucial if you own an inkjet printer.

No matter how careful you are of the ink levels and spare cartridges, there will be times you will be stuck in a situation with no Black ink.

Keeping tricks up your sleeves on how to make HP printers print without Black ink may save you in these sudden emergencies. After all, printers are known to ditch you especially when you need to print important official documents.

Therefore, you can either go for Grayscale printing with its monochrome results or play with the color sets to combine different colors and get a new shade of Black.

While replacing your cartridge with a new one is the most viable solution, these tricks work just as fine in printing without Black ink.

How to make HP printer print without Black ink on Windows devices

Method 1:

If you do not have any Black ink to start with, you can change the settings to produce Black ink using different shades. This way you can print with color ink only when HP black ink is empty.

  • Open the control panel and click on “Printers and devices.”
  • Click on your printer name to display a drop-down menu. Next, right-click on “Properties.”
  • You will see different colors under the “Ink Set” option.
  • Since you are out of Black ink, choose a shade set and click on “Apply.”

Method 2:

If you get stuck in the middle of a printing job, changing your settings to Grayscale can get you out of this situation. However, you still need to replace the cartridges as soon as you can.

Prolonged usage with low ink levels may result in compromised print quality as well as printer health.

  • Start by canceling any queued printing. Next, click on “Control Panel”, and choose “Printers and devices”.
  • You will see a “Quality” option. Click on it, and then check the “Grayscale” box displayed. This sets the printing to monochrome.
  • Click on “Apply” and print as you usually do.


How to make HP printer print without Black ink on Mac

  • While your printer is running, click on “Print” and choose your device from the list of available devices.
  • You will see a “Quality” menu. Click on it to display options. Next, click on “Color options”.
  • Select the “Grayscale” or “Monochrome” option and click on “Print”.


Making an HP printer print without Black ink should be your last resort. Ideally, you should always keep some spare cartridges, especially the black ones at hand, and check your ink levels frequently.

Moreover, a lot of printers nowadays come with Instant Ink subscriptions. These plans are economical as well as save you from the hassle of ordering time and again. The printer automatically orders new cartridges when you reach a low point.

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