How To Make A Projector With A Flashlight?

We all love getting together with friends to watch movies and TV shows on the big screen, but sometimes that’s not an option because it’s just too expensive to rent or buy the equipment or screen you need, or it’s just too far away to go and watch something at the movie theater with your friends. Thus, to sort this problem out, you can make your projector out of a common household item; therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how you can make a DIY flashlight projector with a couple of simple things.

You don’t always have to get expensive products to enjoy with your friends and family. However, there are some great affordable projector options available in the market.

But if you don’t want to spend that much money, simple things with the right kind of people still manage to provide you with a top-notch experience. Therefore, if you’re going to try making a projector with a flashlight, below are the steps given to tell you how to do it.

Step 1: Collect Necessary Supplies

You will need an empty plastic bottle or canister, small pieces of cardboard or paper, a flashlight, and tape if you want to make a flashlight projector. For your large piece of cardboard or paper, you will also need scissors. A lot of the people might have all this stuff present in their homes.

However, if that is not the case, you can purchase these items at dollar stores or other discount retailers if you are on a tight budget. Of course, having more supplies can mean even better results for your end product.

If so, consider shopping around for slightly higher-quality items at retail stores. It can be helpful to have several colors of construction paper and different colors of duct tape for decoration. But by no means is it necessary; thus, if spending as low as possible is the priority, you can opt the detailing out!

The most important thing to remember when making a flashlight projector is to do what works best for you and not worry about getting everything perfect. It is a DIY project; thus, as long as you have fun making it, that’s all that matters!

Remember: Having fun while doing crafts makes them more enjoyable overall. This can translate into increased success later on when using your flashlight projector in real-life situations.

Step 2: Cut the canister

Cut your canister or plastic bottle in half, discarding any labels and printing on it. The best way to do that is using a sharp knife or an x-acto knife but be careful not to cut yourself while doing that! You can also use tin snips if you don’t have one of those.

If you are having trouble cutting through, try running some hot water over it for a few seconds. That should soften up the plastic enough to get through quickly. Be sure to wear safety goggles when doing so, though, if something goes wrong. Also, note that there will be sharp edges from where you cut it open.

Be sure to wear gloves while handling them and when handling any metal pieces inside. We recommend using leather work gloves while working with both materials during the construction of the flashlight projector, as they will keep your hands safe and cute-free.

Step 3: Insert Flashlight

Now you will need an essential part of building a flashlight projector: the bulb. Any standard flashlight bulb will do if you don’t have access to an actual projector bulb. Make sure you choose one with a rating of at least 20 Watts, as more power equals better projection capabilities.

In many cases, your light will come equipped with an incandescent bulb; however, if it doesn’t or has trouble locating one in your local hardware store, unscrew your flashlight’s stock incandescent bulb and replace it with another type.

The most common replacement bulbs for flashlights are MR16 bulbs and spotlights. Both options work well, but we are warning you that spotlights tend to get hot very quickly, so handle them carefully.

Once you’ve chosen your bulb, screw it into place inside the canister or plastic bottle that we had cut earlier. Congratulations! You now have a projector in your flashlight!

Now all that’s left is to attach and adjust your flashlight lens so that its focal point is sharp enough to project onto a screen. This process can be tricky, especially if you aren’t using an actual projector lens, but you can make it work with some practice and patience.

Step 4: Place Projector on Tripod

Now that you have your flashlight and lens, it’s time to put them together. You will place your flashlight in front of a tripod, creating an adjustable light source that can be used as a DIY projector.

With time and care, you can create high-quality images using nothing more than your flashlight and tripod. This is truly one of those everything you need is around your situation! If you don’t have or can’t find a tripod, placing your camera on anything steady should do.

However, it won’t give you much control over placement. Nevertheless, you can find tripods that are explicitly designed for use with flashlights like these if you want to get fancy. The first step is to take off your flashlight’s top cover.

Then remove its batteries and any other small parts that might fall out during assembly. Now place your flashlight onto your tripod to be positioned at eye level when looking through its lens so that it can project light towards the screen.

Step 6: Adjust Image

The next step is to adjust and arrange your image. Selectively move and remove elements you do not want. Brightness, contrast, and color should be adjusted based on the overall mood desired.

Use small pictures of things that you want to project on the screen. However, they need to be correctly cut out so that the flashlight can create a perfect silhouette on the screen. Use a scissor or a sharp blade for cutting pictures out, and be very careful while doing that.

Adjust the tripod and the flashlight lens to get the best results on the screen, and the angle of the tripod and lens can create a massive difference in creating the image.

Step 7. Use Your New Flashlight Projector!

Have you got your new flashlight projector all set up? Now is the time to give it a try! You’ll be blown away by how amazing it is to see things in a whole new light and not just literally! We’re talking about possibilities.

Your imagination is your only limit when using your flashlight as an at-home projector. Let your creativity shine and watch one idea spark another! Never lose an idea again because you have no paper or even because you don’t have time to write it down.

Use that precious brain space for something else: brainstorming, planning, or even sleeping. No matter what kind of inspiration hits, give yourself room for it by keeping ideas on hand via a handy-dandy DIY flashlight projection system.

Plus, share it with your friends and family as it is an exciting way to create a projector, and you can do some really cool things through it. Thus, if you are tight on budget and can’t afford a projector, this might give you an idea of how projectors work and will also keep you entertained.

Bonus tip – add a handle.

When you’re ready to turn your flashlight into a projector, detach any existing handle from your flashlight. This is easy if you have a screwdriver or other tool handy, but you can also pry it open using your hands.

Then, place black electrical tape around one side of your flashlight (the side that would otherwise touch your face when holding it up). When that’s done, wrap tin foil all over whatever part of the light will touch your face while using it as an end-stage flashlight.

To finish off, secure another handle in place – making sure it extends beyond both sides of your projector by at least 2 inches. Your new projector is now ready for use!

How Do I Project My Phone With A Flashlight?

There are several ways you can project your phone on your wall. You can use an official projector or make one out of household items. Here’s how to do it: First, you’ll need a flashlight and tape. Place the tape on either side of your flashlight lens to cover up half of it. Make sure not to cover up any holes.

Next, hold your phone in front of your flashlight and turn off all lights in the room except for a tiny light bulb. Then turn on your flashlight and place it at a 45-degree angle facing down towards whatever surface you want to project onto; the floor is usually best.

Finally, put something white behind what you’re projecting onto so that it looks like there’s nothing there. If done correctly, whatever is on your screen will appear as if it’s coming from that surface, allowing you to project your cellphone without a proper official projector!

Is There An App For A Projector?

While there are numerous apps for projecting your smartphone or tablet on an image, you may be wondering if there is any app for projectors. The answer is no, but it’s not as complicated as you think.

You see, projectors do not run-on apps and will typically work regardless of whether you have an app installed on your device or not. The only exception to that rule is if your projector has unique features that require specific apps to function correctly.

If so, it’s recommended that you download them before using those specific features; otherwise, they could cause problems when misused. But even without having those apps connected to your projector, most projects will work fine on their own. Thus, if you want a high-end performance by using those features, it is a handy option to get those apps.

How Do You Project An Image On A Wall With A Flashlight?

Light from flashlights can project images on surfaces or into space. It may seem like magic, but it’s pretty simple. When you launch an image using a flashlight, you’ll need two things: firstly, a transparent surface on which your photo will appear; secondly, light reflecting off that surface so that your audience can see it.

The projection method is essentially camera obscura, and some have used it since ancient times. Here’s how you do it: Take any small LED flashlight (the brighter/whiter, the better) and insert an angled piece of paper or cardboard (a cut-up cereal box is ideal).

This will serve as a white screen and reflect light onto whatever surface you are trying to project onto. It’s pretty fun and straightforward to do, but there is only so much you can achieve from a flashlight projector; thus, expecting something too extravagant will be a disappointment.


Today’s world is full of cell phones, tablets, and computers that bring their user’s entertainment and information to their fingertips. However, if you want to enjoy movies in your home, you need to have a projector or big screen TV for everyone in your family can watch it comfortably.

Projectors are expensive, and you may not be able to afford one. But did you know that there is an alternative? You can build a projector using a flashlight! All you need to do to create a flashlight projector is to gather some materials and follow the steps mentioned above.

Nevertheless, there are limitations to what you can do with a flashlight projector as it is a DIY project and not a suitable device, but it will still be a fun experience to try. If you like watching movies, then don’t hesitate any longer! Build yourself an inexpensive projector using only flashlights and a couple of other stuff you can find in your house! Plus, it is pretty cheap to try, and this DIY project will cost less than $10!

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