How to fix Epson error code 0x9a?

Epson is considered as one of the best and most reliable companies providing several devices to its customers including printers, projectors and many more. However, even the best can have some errors for which you can reach out to their customer support. One of the most common errors the Epson user’s face is Epson Error Code 0x9A. If you are facing the same issue you are at the right place.

Some people prefer to go to customer support but that is only because they lack the knowledge and skill to tackle this kind of error. We will explain through simple steps by which you can easily resolve Epson Error Code 0x9A.

Causes of Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A

Epson Error Code 0x9A can be caused by several reasons which may include the following

  • Faults in carriage
  • Debris in the paper tray
  • Dislocated encoder strip
  • Damaged rails
  • Hardware defects
  • Broken printhead
  • Faulty sensor


Different Methods of Resolving Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A


There are many methods of resolving this type of error. However, to start with, try cleaning your Epson printer. You just need to follow the simple steps which are mentioned below.

  • First of all, cancel all the commands given by the computer to your Epson printer
  • Open the cover of your printer
  • Look for any obstructive object in the printer( debris, dust, pins)
  • Pull out the object( if found any) gently from the output tray + sheet feeder
  • Tap on the start button and look if the error persists. If yes, you need to further go through some steps
  • Turn the printer off
  • Lift the scanner and remove any kind of torn/jammed papers.
  • Now make the position back to normal and turn on the printer
  • Load new papers and take a test print to check if the error persists or not.


  • Turn off the printer by pressing the power button and unplugging it.
  • Remove the top of the Epson printer and look for the movement of the carriage
  • Look for the automatic movement of your carriage, If you find any resistance try to do it manually.
  • Blow the air if you can’t do it manually to remove dirt.
  • Lower the lid and check if the Epson printer error code 0x9A is gone or not


  • Turn off your printer
  • Remove the top cover of the Epson printer
  • Lift the encoder strip and wipe it softly with the clean cloth
  • Don’t let the ink solution drip into the printer to prevent the internal damages
  • Hopefully, the Epson error is resolved by this step.

METHOD 4 – LAST STEP( Reset The Epson Printer)

Last but not least, if the error does not resolve by following the above-mentioned methods, simply try resetting your printer. Resetting your device can help you fix many major to minor issues.

If the Epson printer error code 0x9A still does not resolve you need to contact your customer care for further assistance.

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