How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer?

It is extremely frustrating when your printer stops recognizing your computer, or laptop in the middle of a printing job. Epson is a reliable brand, and users seldom get any issue with its operation. However, you may sometimes get communication errors leading to a delayed job.

It is essential you know the basics of how to fix communication error on Epson printer. You should know how to deal with Epson printer communication errors when scanning, printing, or copying.

This guide briefs you on the most probable errors and causes and how to fix communication errors on Epson printers.

2 Common types of communication errors on Epson printers

Power light not turning on

This is the most common reason for the shortage of power to your Epson printer. The printer wire may not be connected to the power outlet properly, resulting in loss of power. Shut down your printer, and check if the wire is connected properly to the outlet.

Moreover, a defective power outlet may also be one of the causes of power failure. Connect another device and test the outlet before moving on.

Power light on, but it does not print

There can be numerous reasons for this issue. Your printer might be faulty, or the cable you are using for the connection might not be the right fit. Furthermore, the connection between your laptop or computer and the printer might not be set up correctly.


Causes of communication errors on Epson printers

If your printer suddenly starts showing a communication error, it might be facing any of the following issues:

  • Faulty power outlet or cable
  • Outdated printer drivers
  • Connectivity problem
  • Loose cable
  • Incorrect computer setup

How to fix communication errors on Epson printers

Check your cables

Loose cables are the most common cause of communication errors in printers. Shut off the printer, and check if the cable is tightly secured, and then turn on the devices.

Restart system

Restarting your system often eliminates communication errors by itself. Simply turn off your printer, and remove USB or any other connection to it. Wait a few minutes before starting and setting up your printer.

Check the connectivity

Wireless printers do not function effectively in the presence of unstable network connections. Check if the Wi-Fi or BlueTooth network is steady.


Open your computer’s Control Panel from the “Start” menu and click on “Troubleshooter”. Go to “Printer troubleshooter” and then to the hardware and sound section. Choose your printer from the list and click on “Troubleshoot” to resolve the issue.

Reinstall drivers

Communication errors on Epson printers also occur due to outdated and incompatible drivers. Select “Settings” and then “Devices and Printers”. Choose your printer from the list and uninstall the driver from “Properties”.

Next, install the latest drivers from the official Epson website, and restart the system. This should eliminate any communication errors.

Reset printer

If nothing works, reset your Epson printer to default. You need to download the “Reset” button for this. Extract the downloaded file and reset your printer.


These simple steps on how to fix communication errors on Epson printers are the answer to almost any hurdle in your printing. You might not even have to go through all these steps. Start with the basics, and you should be good to go within a few minutes.

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