How To Connect IPad To Canon Printer?

In today’s world where everyone is in a constant race, you cannot afford to waste your time standing by a printer to print. Furthermore, the added convenience of wireless printing that comes with most printers nowadays also eliminates the need to do so.

It will not be wrong to call wireless printing the most useful feature introduced in printers. You can find several ways of connecting your devices wirelessly to the printer. However, nothing beats the convenience of Apple’s AirPrint utility.

This guide walks you through the entire process of printing through AirPrint, starting from how to connect iPad to Canon printer. Moreover, it also touches on how to print wirelessly if your printer does not support AirPrint.

Step-by-step guide on how to connect iPad to Canon printer

  • Start off by downloading the Canon print app on your iPad.
  • Set up your printer, by pressing the power button. Make sure the Wi-Fi light is blinking by holding down the button until it starts flashing. This shows your printer is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • On the Canon print app, tap on the “Printer” icon, and click on “Register Printer.”
  • You will see a “Set-up Printer” option.
  • Press, “Connect via a wireless router”. Connect your device to your network and make sure the printer and device are both connected to the same network.
  • Your settings will be sent to the printer, and you will get a confirmation notification on your iPad. Tap OK when you see the message.
  • Your printer will be detected and shown on the iPad. Tap on its name to secure the connection.


Simple steps to print wirelessly with AirPrint

Printing through AirPrint is even easier than connecting your iPad to it. It takes seconds to get you your desired print with a tap on your phone. No wires or Ethernet are required, you only need your phone and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Open the app from which you want to print. It can be any webpage, Email, or document.
  • Look for the “Share” option at the top left or right corner and tap on it.
  • You will see a pop-up menu appear. Click on the “Print” icon to display a list of AirPrint-supported printers nearby.
  • Choose the model of Canon printer you have and customize the print settings such as the number of copies, color, etc.
  • Tap “Print” to get your copy in hand.

How to connect iPad to a printer without AirPrint

Since Apple’s introduction of the AirPrint feature, almost all the Printers come with wireless connections supported by it. If by any chance your printer is not compatible with AirPrint, do not worry.

Such printers then come with built-in printing apps that you can use to print wirelessly. Moreover, some really great third-party apps let you connect your iPad to various printers, including Canon.



Wireless printing is an extremely convenient method of printing, letting you print from anywhere, anyplace. What makes it even more flexible is Apple’s AirPrint feature providing you a smooth interface, which is handy as well as easy to use.

If you have never tried wireless printing, it is time you learn how to connect iPad to Canon printer and make your job easier.

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