How to Connect a Holy Stone Drone to your Phone

It’s always fun to fly your drone using its dedicated controller, however, you can take the experience to the next level when you use your phone. The funny thing is that not many people know that this is even possible.

All you need to do is download the relevant drone application on your smartphone and you’ll be good to go. So, without any further ado, let us tell you how to connect your Holy Stone drone to your phone!

As long as your phone is wifi enabled, connecting it to your Holy Stone quad will be a walk in the park. Simply download the Holy Stone app on your phone and navigate your way into the phone settings to establish a connection.

Connecting your Holy Stone Drone to your Phone

Firstly, you should ensure that your smartphone is wifi enabled. From here, follow the steps below to connect your phone to your quad:

Step 1

Start by downloading the Holy Stone app either from Google Play Store or App store, depending on the type of phone you’re using. Go to the phone settings and locate the Holy Stone drone. With the wifi on your phone turned on, check if the device network is visible and connect.

In some cases after downloading the app  you are required to scan a code which you will find in the manual. The advantage of this is that you get to download and install the app faster. After this, proceed to wifi settings then connect the app to the network.

Step 2

Turn on your Holy Stone HS720 and its dedicated controller then go to the wifi network settings. Check if the device appears and establish a connection. Open the Holy Stone app that you’ve just downloaded on your phone then click on your phone’s wifi setting to connect to the Holy Stone drone wifi.


Step 3

By going back to the Holy Stone mobile app, you’ll be able to access the guide to calibrating and configuring the app. Lastly, try flying your drone and controlling it using your smartphone or controller.

Why Fly Your Drone Using Your Phone?

 There are several benefits from controlling your quad from a smartphone compared to controlling  it using its dedicated controller. For one, it allows you to view all the footage that the drone captures through your phone’s screen.

You can also choose to fly the drone with the controller and enjoy the drone footage on your phone’s screen which many people prefer.

Another advantage is that you have access to GPS control, which allows you to track the flight of the drone and even predetermine its path. This is not an easy thing to do when you’re flying using a controller. However, it gets much easier when you are using a touch screen.

Furthermore, connecting your Holy Stone HS165 to your smartphone means that you don’t have to carry a bulky and heavy controller with you whenever you want to fly the quad. Not to mention that you’ll be able to configure the drone and access diagnostic data much faster.


Keep in mind that you may have to connect the quad’s camera to your phone to enjoy viewing its footage in real-time. To do this, turn on the drone and go to your smartphone’s wifi setting. Click on the wifi network button then move to the Holy Stone drone app to complete the setup. Once this is done, you can start viewing live videos and navigating the quad’s flight using joysticks.

Holy Stone Drone App

You can find the Holy Stone drone app on both Google Play Store and App Store. When connected to a smartphone, the application allows for live video display when the drone is in the air.

One of the benefits of downloading the Holy Stone drone app is that it enables you to fly within the allowed regulations. The app ensures that you fly your quad in lawfully designated airspaces and at the correct altitude.

This also means that there is little risk of flying the drone off course. Additionally, the app offers exciting flight features allowing you to perform functions such as framing your camera shots for a more satisfying flying session.

Some of the Holy Stone drone app features include VGA support, 1080/720P resolution, as well as 3D function. If you own an Android or IOS device, you can download the app on Google Play Store or App Store and follow the connection procedure to start enjoying FPV flying.

Note that you’ll be able to adjust the angle of flying the drone through 90 degrees when using the app and enjoy interesting modes like Follow Me and Return to Home.

Connecting your Holy Stone Drone to the Controller

Your Holy Stone HS110 needs to be connected to the controller before you start flying. This can be a little bit challenging at first and a few obstacles may crop up. For instance, a low battery will prevent you from connecting your Holy Stone drone to the controller.

Holy Stone HS110

So, make sure your drone’s battery has enough charge before you try to connect. Also, remember to follow all the instructions to the letter for a seamless connection process. Typically, you are required to turn on both the controller and drone then move the left joystick up and down to pair the two devices.

In summary, follow the steps below to connect your drone to its controller:

  • Use your phone to scan the QR code provided in the manual
  • Turn on the drone then go to your smartphone’s settings
  • Open the wifi and locate the Holy Stone app to connect
  • After successfully connecting the wifi, open the Holy Stone app
  • Click on the start button to establish the control interface


Keep in mind that if the quad has to work on the phone in sync with the controller, you must first download the application on your smartphone before plugging the phone into the controller. This should allow you to fly the drone seamlessly from your phone.


Overall, learning to connect your Holy Stone drone to a phone makes your flying sessions much more satisfying. Not only do you enjoy enhanced functionality but also gives you access to interesting features like live video viewing and various flight functions.

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