How To Clean Laser Printer Safely And Effectively

Cleaning a laser printer regularly not only increases its lifespan but also enhances the efficiency of toners. Above all, it offers high quality prints with impressive sharpness and colors. Therefore, we are going to explain how to clean laser printer in this article.

Importance of Laser Printer Cleaning

Printing is an important part of every business. You often have to send important documents, contracts, and invoices to your partners and clients. Therefore, all the prints have to be impeccable, sharp, and devoid of strings. It is only possible if you maintain and clean your laser printer regularly. Besides, it also enhances your machine’s efficiency, helping you save some money on toners as well.

How to Clean Laser Printer?

Cleaning a laser printer is much easier than inkjet printers. Although, laser printers incorporate a lot of technology yet they don’t have messy ink residues like inkjets. All you need is the right laser printer cleaning kit and you are good to go.

This particular guide explains some easy steps to clean a laser printer. These steps or tips enable you to easily, effectively and safely clean a printer.

The following video by Viandant5 explains how to clean a laser printer in detail.

What Do You Need for Laser Printer Cleaning?

Laser printers print with the help of powdered toners that may spread tiny particles across the printer. Therefore, you need specialist tools to completely remove these particles. Some of the recommended equipment and tools to clean a laser printer are as below.

Aerosol Spray Duster/Isopropyl Alcohol

The best thing about Isopropyl alcohol is that it quickly evaporates without leaving fluid or any residue behind. That is why it is one of the best materials for cleaning printers and other machines. Similarly, you can reach difficult places with the Air spray duster and remove the fine toner particles as well.

Activated Toner Cloth

You can activate the cloth simply by stretching it. The cloth easily catches and removes the particles thanks to its non-oily coating.

Latex Gloves

Exposing your skin directly to the toner can result in skin irritation. You can prevent this by wearing rubber or latex gloves.

Dust Mask

You should also avoid inhaling powdered toner. It can cause a lot of irritation even though it is not dangerous. Wear a dust mask and properly ventilate your room before starting to clean the laser printer to keep these problems at bay.

Toner Vacuum

Although it is purely optional yet we suggest using it to clean the printer. You can use this powerful machine to remove particles from inside the printer. However, toner vacuums are quite costly and therefore, not many people use them.

The Best Way to Clean Laser Printer

Since you have gathered all the required tools, it is now time to clean the printer. Before you continue, you must be confident and comfortable handling components like drum units and toners. If not, it is better to consult a professional. Items like drum units are particularly fragile and can easily get damaged even if you gently touch them.

Now, here are the steps to clean your laser printer.

1.    Switch Off the Printer

The first step, of course, is to switch off your printer and let it cool down. Cleaning the printer without shutting it off can also result in electrocution. Similarly, give the printer some time to cool down if you have just used it. Keep in mind that Laser prints tend to get extremely hot when in use.

2.    Remove and Clean the Toner Cartridge

Remove the toner cartridge after the printer has fully cooled down. You can find the cartridges by opening the front or back panel of the printer. If you don’t know where the toners are located or how to remove them, consult the printer’s user manual. Clean the extra particles from the cartridges using the toner cloth. Now clean the other side using the other quarter of the toner cloth.

3.    Remove Excessive Particles from Internal Components

Toner particles can accumulate on internal components that are difficult to clean such as the toner housing. You can easily reach these areas using the toner vacuum (if you have got one) and remove the excessive particles. If you don’t have a vacuum, you have to complete the job using a toner cloth. Some internal components are very costly to replace and fragile as well. Therefore, clean them as carefully and gently as you can.

4.    Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Wipe Surfaces

Some components happen to be very intricate such as wires and cables. You can attain a sterile and safe clean of these items by wiping them with a cotton swab moistened with Isopropyl alcohol. This particular chemical leaves behind no residue yet it easily removes debris and particles from intricate components. However, roughly swabbing the cotton can create scratches which in turn leads to long-term damage. Therefore, you have to be very careful and gentle here as well.

5.    Reassemble the Printer

Once you are satisfied with your cleaning and sure that you have removed all excessive toner particles from the printer, it is time to reassemble. Reinsert the toner cartridge in the printer and if you face any problem, the user manual is there to help you. Now close the machine and perform the cartridge alignment check. Finally, print a couple of documents to ensure your printer is working properly.

Final Thoughts

With this, we conclude our guide to laser printing tips. It is quite easy to clean a laser printer provided you have the right equipment and you know how to use those tools. Using the wrong tools or improper cleaning can result in scratches and streaks that can cause irreparable damage to your printer.

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