Free Merry Christmas Email Templates

cloudHQ is an email productivity company in San Francisco that specializes in creating apps for its over 2 million users. For Christmas, they launched a free holiday email template library that lets anyone using Gmail access it.

Many employees in companies don’t know how to write professional-sounding Merry Christmas and Happy New year email messages, so cloudHQ takes the guesswork out of what to write and how to design company emails. They have a wide variety of email templates for all kinds of special occasions.

“Christmas is such a wonderful time of year to spend with family and friends, that we wanted to be able to share our gratitude with our customers by offering them this useful resource,” Senad Dizdar, CEO, says.

Gmail Email Templates has email templates for practical business practices like invoice reminders, newsletter updates, as well as all major US holidays. Customers can share their email templates with their teams, and import them from Mailchimp as well. Gmail Email Templates also offers an HTML editor with free images to use if customers want to create their own email template from scratch, however they can also copy any email in their inbox and save it as their own template to customize.

Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ offers a generous free tier, with a Premium subscription of $7.99/mo that includes customer support. The company’s ecosystem of 50+ free email productivity apps is especially helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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