Dell Vs HP Laptop: Which Laptop Brand Is Better And Why?

A laptop is everyone’s need, whether it is for work or personal use. There are many types of laptops available in the market which are made by many different brands. The most popular laptops brands are Dell and HP.

Every company has its own good qualities and faults too. This article aims to compare Dell Vs HP laptops in terms of specifications, serviceability, support etc. Ultimately help you choose the best brand for your next laptop purchase.

Dell Vs HP

Dell Laptops

Dell was founded by Michael S Dell in January 1984 who is also a college dropout from the University Of Texas Austin. New Mexico based company is now one of the top five PC sellers worldwide with revenue over US$ 5730 million (2009). The company has around 96000 employees. Dell’s revenue in the year 2009 was US$ 5730 million, whereas HP laptops revenue was US$ 3000 million only.

Dell laptop lineup is divided into Inspiron, XPSLatitude series which are further divided into various model lineups depending upon your budget and requirements. All the current Dell laptops have Microsoft Windows installed which can be either Home Edition or Professional Edition depending on your choice. Dell currently sells core 2 duo, core i3, core i5 notebooks.

The best thing about Dell is their service quality which comes with all their products whether you buy it online or offline it doesn’t matter they provide world class after sales support if you are facing any issues with your product they will take care of that even future wise they have a 3 year warranty which covers your laptop from manufacturing faults or any other problems.

Dell has been around for a long time and has customer satisfaction as their motto along with their affordable price range Dell is considered to be one of the best brands currently in the notebook market.

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HP Laptops

Hewlett-Packard Company ltd was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard on January 1939. HP laptops are manufactured at 30 countries worldwide including United States, Mexico, China, etc. Its annual turnover is US$ 126 billion (2009) and has revenue of US$ 3000 million (2009) only which makes it 2nd largest PC seller after Dell , whereas Acer laptops sold more units then HP but Acer couldn’t beat Dell’s revenue.

HP laptops are divided into Pavilion series and Compaq Presario series which again comes under various models depending upon your budget and requirements. Microsoft Windows Vista or XP is installed on all HP laptops. If you want to buy a core 2 duo notebook, hp is the right place for you, there is a huge variety available in Pavilion notebooks that requires no further introduction about them.

Hewlett-Packard offers support at their own level too after buying a laptop from any of their stores they provide a warranty for 1 year only but if you register the product with them then the warranty can be extended up to 3 years. However this service is vary poor compared to Dell’s service quality, although hp provides good support for hardware issues but if it’s software related then it becomes bit difficult.

Hp’s products are usually costly than dell which can be one of the major concerns for many people and buying a core 2 duo notebook from HP means you will have to shell out $1,500 – $2,000 for your laptop. But not necessarily, there are also some cheap laptops from dell that comes under the budget of 300-1000 dollars.

Which Is Better, Dell or HP?

Their are advantages and disadvantages of buying any laptop brand, after reading this, you can choose the best notebook according to your requirements.

HP laptops are mainly for people who want luxury at their budget price, don’t worry there is no compromise on quality with hp either. But hp’s products are bit costly than dell which is one major concern for many people.

If it comes to service quality then Dell has an upper hand over other brands as they provide world class service even future wise with 3 years warranty for all their core 2 duo notebooks, whereas hp gives a 1-year warranty only no matter what type of laptop you purchase whether its core i7 or core 2 duo notebook. To summarize, in terms of service and warranty Dell laptops are far better than HP laptops.

However, in case if you want a cheap laptop from a reputed company then don’t worry hp is the right place for you , their cheaper range starts from $300 – $700 which means you can get the best quality at your budget price.

So, to summarize I would like to say that both dell and hp are the best brands to buy a laptop but it always depends upon your requirements what do you need exactly like if you want luxury with affordable price go for HP or if you want world class services even future wise go for Dell.


Although dell doesn’t hold any major shares but still it’s considered to be best laptop brand because of their high end customer service along with affordable price range.

HP is also one of the best brands who offers cheap laptops at your budget for anyone looking for quality.

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