Top rated 8 Best Gaming Chair Under $100 | Top Picks Of 2022

There are a variety of superb yet affordable gaming chairs available for under $100, making it hard to spend more than $100 to get an excellent budget gaming chair.

However, we noticed numerous people on sites like Google, Reddit, and forums searching for the best budget gaming chairs. As a result, we’ve put together a collection of the best gaming chairs under $100

These chairs are each of high quality and are worth considering if you’re seeking budget chairs.

Top rated 8 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 | Top Picks

1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Especially when it comes to its built quality, for instance, it is made from a solid 1.8mm steel frame reinforced with high-density-forming foam for improved comfort and elasticity. It has a skin-friendly leather material that is water-tight.

The gaming chair also features a class-3 gas lift that SGS has verified. Additionally, it has rubber caster wheels that have been rigorously tested to be quiet and perform as good as new, even after rolling for 1,000 miles.

In general, the materials used in the construction of this gaming chair allow it to withstand a maximum weight capacity of about 300 pounds. However, it is not just durable or even stable.

Gaming chairs of this type can recline 180 degrees, rock back and forth, and swivel 360 degrees and provide numerous directions for positioning.

2. Merax Gaming Swivel Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Merax is a relatively unknown brand in the gaming chair segment. However, its services and products meet gamers’ needs for a comfortable piece of gaming furniture at an affordable price. Even players with a limited budget can afford to purchase a not inferior chair to top-end brands.

This chair offers an ergonomic design that allows the body to maintain a proper posture to minimize pressure on the back, neck, shoulders, and lumbar. The lumbar and mind cushions also further improve your comfort during gaming marathons.

One of the most significant benefits of the Merax High Back chair is the highly supportive backrest that offers body hugging support throughout the spine. At 33 inches high, this chair should be perfect for people over 6 feet tall (approximately 182cm).

Those who rely on their strength to find comfortable gaming chairs can look no further than the Merax chair. It comes with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Check our Merax chair reviews for more information.

It is covered in PU leather that is easy to clean, not to mention that the leather doesn’t absorb body oils and sweat. The armrest is not padded, but it is more a matter of personal choice.

3. Furmax Gaming Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

This may be the cheapest PC gaming chair on our list, but don’t let the price fool you. The chair was specifically made to ensure spinal support through long hours spent in front of a PC: the soft rear leather and the bucket seat further aid your relaxation.

Furmax’s padded armrests provide ample hand storage while gaming, so go backward or forward if needed. The chair can support a maximum weight of 280 lbs. The height is adjustable, and the swiveling wheels allow one to move across various surfaces.

4. Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

At first glance, the Giantex model seems like a normal, no-frills chair that can be utilized in the office and the gaming environment. Nothing crazy. Thus, why did I put it on the list of the best PC gaming chairs under $100?

My friend was so excited about finding this great bargain that he invited me over to drink a few ice-cold beers and play a game of StarCraft so I could see for myself what all the fuss was about.

It’s not just eye-catching, but the Giantex executive racing chair is also comfortable. Its ergonomic back ensures great help, and its center is flexible. Putting it together doesn’t seem time-consuming or hard.

When you assemble the chair, you can feel how soft the padding feels. The padding is also thicker compared to the padding usually found in net centers. The armrests are padded as well.

PU leather is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat and body oils. I did not find a single negative comment, but I suspect there must be a reason that the chair has received an A grade at certain websites that provide clients with unrepentantly rude feedback on products.

For those seeking a simple yet effective way to reduce backache while working or gaming, it is important to look no further than the Giantex Chair.

5. Merax Upholstered Lazy Sofa Floor Sofa Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

You might have wished for a PC gaming chair you could take a rest in and come up more inclined to become an ace Dark Souls player no matter how many deaths it involves.

It’s made from high-quality leather, and the back mechanism is one of its big selling points. The chair will adjust its resistance as it finds pressure on it. Standing still, the castors secure immediately.

Design wise, and the chair can rival the best known brands available on the market. It has a headrest cushion and lumbar cushion along with a body-hugging back that reduces backache and prevents stiffness.

6. X Rocker Dash 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Despite being a budget, the V Rocker has a surround speaker system and control panel. The chair has an ergonomic design and offers full back support. The materials it consists of are high-quality mesh and vinyl. Therefore, its maintenance should be easy.

The V Rocker comes with a wireless audio transmitter and two speakers on the sides, and one subwoofer. You can adjust the volume and bass using the control panel. The chair is a space saver since you can fold it.

The V Rocker is one of my favorites along. The sole design flaw I see is the lack of armrests. Perhaps not everyone feels comfortable with their armrests out. The chair is the kind of feature piece of furniture that won’t break the bank.

7. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Within this article, we have a brand new competitor, and this competitor can be your Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair with its trendy”snake” appearance covered in breathable premium PU leather. This product has been given the following place.

This chair features quality PU muted brakes, sturdy foundations, ergonomic headrests, and an adjustable lumbar cushion that promises to keep the chair rolling silently for longer gaming sessions.

Red and Black is the only color under $100 (price subject to change), and that’s the one exhibited from the photo above. Regardless, it’s still worth mentioning that it’s a stunning chair that’s well made and of quality.

8. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 100

The Basics Gaming Chair isn’t the best looking chair in the gaming world, but it’s in the 6th spot. Don’t be fooled by its appearance. Not everything good comes in an excellent package.

This is among the most comforting couches we reviewed since it features contoured segments of cushioning, an integrated headrest, and padded arms wrapped in premium SofThread Leather.

This chair is especially suited for long-term use, and it includes a headrest and lumbar pillow, even though they are not included with the chair. Its backside is more curved than other chairs so that it will last longer.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Best Gaming Chair Under $100

Rocker Gaming Chairs

They do not have legs or wheels. Instead, they sit straight on the ground, and rockers like those are the favored forms of chairs for gamers. These rockers are designed as an L-shape and are ideal for gamers who enjoy playing games on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

One of the most luxurious options mentioned here has plenty of excellent features like stereo input signal, built-in speakers, wireless connection, etc. But suppose you are more concerned with comfort than functions. In that case, you may wish to narrow your search to the best console gaming chairs under 100.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

There are no legs on a rocker gaming chair, so it sits directly on the floor, and it’s a favorite of many gamers. Even rocker style gaming chairs are L-shaped to offer much-needed back support once you’re playing with your Xbox One or PS4.

The best console gaming chairs offer incredible features such as stereo input signal, built-in speakers, wireless connection, etc. However, if you want relaxation more than access to advanced features, you can narrow your search to the best models under 100, as you will certainly find one that matches your needs.

Pedestal Gaming chairs

Despite looking similar to rockers, pedestal chairs are much higher off the floor and swivel.

Racer Gaming chairs

Racer gaming chairs are perfect for fans of racing games. They have a steering wheel, pedals, and shifters that you can hook to your racing equipment if you have it.

PC Gaming Chairs

Gamers use PC gaming chairs much like regular office chairs; however, they offer better comfort. The cheapest models include a headrest, comfortable armrests, a back pad, and extra side support to guarantee your comfort during long gaming marathons.

Often Asked Questions Regarding Gaming Chair

Can’t I Utilize my office chair for a gaming chair?

Gamers prefer gaming chairs because, in general, they are far more comfortable than regular office chairs.

A gaming chair and an office chair are both designed to provide you a lot of comfort and support for several hours, but office chairs generally do not have the level of adjustability that gaming chairs have.

Most gaming chairs have many adjustable features that allow the gamer to find the best position that will allow him to enjoy the best in-game controller.

Should I buy a Gaming Chair?

It is unique. There is only one person who could answer this question definitively.

Nevertheless, if you tend to sit for a number of hours playing games each day and find yourself in awkward positions frequently, then we advise you to treat yourself to a decent gaming chair.

You may not know that gaming chairs aren’t only intended to be set on a desk; there are a number of other kinds as well, such as those that are intended to be placed on the floor.

Is the gaming chair comfortable?

There have been improvements to gaming chairs that make them more comfortable.

There is a misconception that gaming chairs are only “cool toys” for kids, but that is incorrect. Gaming chairs offer you high adjustability, the best lumbar and head support, and an amply cushioned angle to find the most comfortable position in it.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Previously, we all had to say something about gaming chairs; how can someone think they aren’t worth the money?

However, it is important to remember that even if you purchase a fine new chair, it will not resolve your back pain issues. You also need to possess an excellent sitting position to do this.

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