5 Tips To Look Taller In Photos

Do we all agree that life is not fair?! The results of a study, saying: “Tall people make more money and economists call this the “height premium”, is the main reason I say, life is not fair and I know you all will agree with me, or at least shorter people will be with me.

Another article that I’ll write starts from my own experience, cause I’ve always struggled with my height. It has always been my fate to look the shortest one in photos or to be the shortest one among my friends. You can’t escape from who you are especially if that attribute is a noticeable one, such as height.

You really get demotivated in life when you hear different statements from different studies made, like the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article, and many more such as, “people view short women and men as less attractive and less successful”, or “tall people are more educated”, you just start hating yourself, right?!

They say you usually are taller when you wake up in the morning, so short people like me, I guess we have a few minutes to be glad about our height. And, I guess we should be happy about the fact that if an earthquake hits, tall people will be the ones who will go down first!

I know we can’t do much about height, but we sure can do something to look taller while taking a picture. And I’m not talking about the post-editing process where you can just add a few millimeters to your body height, I’m talking about a few tricks that we can use to look taller and more with stamina while being photographed.

If you are already tall and you just don’t have to make an effort at all, then just press x on the right corner of your computer, but if you are short and you want to know a thing or two about how to trick the human eye and look taller in photos, then keep reading. But, if someone comes up to you, and says, hey you look taller in photos than in real life, the blame won’t be on me, just saying. Now, let’s start!

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How to make height your ally

Getting comfortable with the camera

Now, just so you know, you won’t find this tip in any other articles about how to look taller while being photographed, but I have to put it among the tips I consider are important in order to make height your ally.

Getting comfortable with the camera may vary from one person to another, some people are born with the ability to feel comfortable in front of a camera and some others have to force it. Once you are comfortable while you are being comfortable, you can make everything your ally, and not just your height.

This tip might serve more like a distractive tip. Let me explain! Once you are comfortable with the camera, everything else will matter less, your angle, your bad outfit, your kinky hand position, and including here your height. So, by getting comfortable with the camera, you shift the attention of the viewer from the things you don’t want to be the focus of your pic.

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Shoot at eye level

Make sure you look at the camera in a straight line, directly on its lens. I know that you keep saying to your friend to lower that phone because you think that in that way you will look taller and more beautiful, but believe me, that is too obvious.

You have been told that shooting from a lower angle and from below, will make you appear taller in photos! That’s true but also very obvious and evident. Do you know why? Simple! Because your gaze is directed downwards.

That’s why, you have to make sure to look directly at the camera, and that’s how you make height your ally and you also get a more natural look.

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When in motion

It shouldn’t be hard taking a picture while moving around, right? Well, it is not hard to take a picture, but it is hard to take a proper picture, but we have to make the sacrifice of trying over and over again, so we can get to the result we want and the result we would really want is making height our ally.

What better way to get a shot of motion while walking! Walking would mean you having one leg in front of the other and that would make your legs look leaner and longer, adding an extra dimension to the photo. Taking a step while being photographed, will allow the photographer to take taller pictures, without having to take care about the slouching or leaning far too forward.

Just don’t walk too fast, so you won’t have to complain about those blurry pictures after.

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It plays a huge role in getting the wanted height in your photos. As I might have mentioned above, crossing your legs might give the impression of a taller person than you actually are.

Once again, you have to know your best position and pose but your legs are the part of your body that you can manipulate the most. For example, crossing your legs while being photographed, makes them look much leaner and the top of the body looks smaller.

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It is quite significant when it comes to the proposition of your body, Shorter people have to make sure to wear an uneven proposition while choosing their outfit for the day. High waist jeans with a crop top will make you look a lot taller than you are, or for the gentlemen, getting your shoes the same color as your trousers might help a lot with your height issue.


Final Words

I would love to finish this article by saying, just love yourself the way you are, but I also know that we all want to look at our best while taking our pics and I guarantee you that by following the above-mentioned tips, you will make height your ally.


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